The Week of March 26th

The Week of March 26th

I welcome new readers, discuss my time off from The Monarch Papers, April merchandise, and The Hangout Tonight on YT!

Quickstart Guide to The Monarch Papers

Below is an ever-updated, easy-to-reference collection of reader-chosen Links and Tips to quickly get you up to speed and fully immersed in the world of Ackerly Green, The Lost Collection and the Guide to MAGIQ! LINKS: This Youtube channel has quick puzzle recaps...

The Monarch Papers Volume One: Flora – Soundtrack

I posted a link to the zip folder earlier in the week for the Phase One soundtrack @SimonAG created but he was also kind enough to create a private Soundcloud playlist which might be easier to manage. So here's that link as well! I've been listening to it on a loop...

The Monarch Papers – Out-of-World Email

Hey Recruits! So I created a poll on the forum earlier in the week to see whether you guys thought an out-of-world "tips and tricks" email should go to new readers A) When a reader joins the forum or B) After Eaves' initial email to everyone when they join The Monarch...

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