The Monarch Papers

A Book. A Game. A Doorway to a Hidden World.


The Monarch Papers experience began with a mysterious book, thought lost for decades. Inside the book was magic. Equal parts novel, puzzle, and collaborative online event. Readers spent almost two years communicating with characters, solving mind-bending puzzles, unraveling a centuries-old mystery— and learning how to cast magic. Real magic.


Now, the events of The Monarch Papers have been turned into a two-volume series, chronicling the adventure that thousands of readers embarked on to unlock The Book of Briars. Now you can follow the trail those readers took, or you can buy the books and read along:

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I’ve spent much of the past decade working as a screenwriter in Los Angeles, but I’ve had a lifelong obsession with myth, magic and mysterious goings on. I’ve recently devoted my writing to telling the kinds of stories I loved as a kid and would love to read as an adult. I want to channel the wit and wonder of classic fantasy literature through a modern lens, for kids and adults alike.   READ MORE

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